Luminous skin is created by a smooth surface and can be facilitated by proper exfoliation for you face and neck.  This product evens out skin tone and surface with the amazing sustainable Bamboo stem powder combined with alpha hydroxy acids for a powerful and natural instigation of cell renewal and removal of excess dead cells. During this complete exfoliation Cell renewal infuses the skin with potent natural moisturizers that plump up the skin cells with hydration, nutrition and protection as this product is loaded with antioxidants including Vitamin C and Green Tea.  


Apply a small amount to damp face, neck and chest while massaging gently in small circular motions adding additional water as needed.  Do not rub harshly.  Rinse well.  Use as needed to remove dead cells so that new healthy strong cells can multiply and resurface your skin. 

This product is recommended for face, neck and chest to enhance, reveal and regrow beautiful healthy skin!


This revolutionary, ultra-correcting cream features the best in anti-aging technology. Repair cream is infused with rich phospholipids and intensive skin moisturizers.  In our studies, it is the first cream that offers such rich texture and incredible hydration, with age-reversing active ingredients, for results you can see.

This powerful cream helps target and correct damage while working to rehydrate and rebalance the skin. This formula is compiled with a potent fusion of antioxidants and amino acid peptides that combat free radical damage that you will have incurred throughout your day.  It works as a moisturizing perfector at night to promote even skin tone, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin’s resiliency while it strengthens the skin’s own regenerative ability. 


For night time use.  After cleansing and the application of serum, massage cream into your face, neck and chest for repair, correction and to reverse the aging of your skin. Never apply any creams to the eyelids or too close to your eyes.  

This is the UlTIMATE ANTI-AGING universal night cream

that works to repair and restore your skin! 

EYE LIFT / 44.00

This advanced incredible formula was created to diminish dark circles, puffy eyes and to treat fine lines.  This is a super powerful formula with the ability to provide great results.


Can be used once or twice a day depending on your condition.  Use half the size of a pea and gently massaging beneath eye and above eye in brow line.

This intense eye lifter was created to make you look refreshed and youthful!

​​​​​​A  cm aldrich  Salon


Youth serum is a highly advanced formula that is needed for every day!

This serum has been infused with highest levels of restorative Vitamin C combined with Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid, and skin brighteners to nourish and protect skin from the damage that skin incurs everyday from free radicals and aging. Youth serum works inside and out to prevent skin damage, while actively reducing the visible signs of aging for a healthier, hydrated, repaired and protected complexion.


Apply an amount to cover your forehead, brow and around eye bone, cheeks, chin, lips, neck and chest while gently massaging in.

Youth serum is your POWERFUL SHIELD in daily skin defense

supercharged by antioxidant ingredients that effectively reduce signs of aging while working to make your skin beautiful!