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3-1 SPORT  / $15.00

So here is the great thing about our products...we care.  

We want your body to always receive health.  That is the goal!

This antioxidant infused daily revitalizing cleansing gel is perfect for home and convenient for travel as it is a 3-1 product.

It can be used as a shower, shave and bath gel. It has a rich luxurious lather working to heal the skin with AGE REVERSING ingredients. It leaves skin cleansed, repaired, moisturized and delicately fragranced.

3-1 was created to:

*Promote glowing skin with Lemon grass.

*Heal as an aftershave that reduces skin inflammation with Aloe.

*Treat acne and promote radiant skin with Geranium.

*Exfoliate with the natural astringent Alba bark while it also cleanses and balances the skin.

*Neutralize free radical damage with Chamomile as it is a powerful antiseptic & anti-inflammatory.

*Tone and reverse signs of aging of skin with Sage that is full of super powerful antioxidants.

Silver Lining Conditioner - hair color safe / $24.00

A gentle rich and luxurious conditioning formula for all types of hair. Silver lining causes hair to be more resilient as it increases the ability of hair to retain this moisture. The ingredients within this conditioner optimize the hair growth cycle while strengthening the hair fibers. All types of hair and conditions of hair (highlighted included) will benefit from using this conditioning hair product.

Color safe, Sulfate and Paraben free hair product.

Silver lining was created to:

*Promote hair growth while maintaining healthy scalp with Burdock root extracts.

*Helps cleanse and conditioning while controlling oil with Ivy extracts.

*Repair and strengthen hair fibers with protein.

*Stimulate the hair follicle for healthier hair with Fenugreek. 

Purple Rain Shampoo / $22.00

Purple Rain Conditioner / $24.00

This specially formulated cleanser and conditioner works to prevent free radicals form damaging cells.  

These formulations were created additionally for to brighten and add brilliance to grey, tone brassiness and add richness to colored hair.  The use of Purple rain protects the integrity of the hair follicles resulting in healthier hair.

Paraben Free hair product

The miracles of the antioxidant rich grape seed extract used in this product aims to:

* Prevents hair loss
* Prevents split ends
* Prevents free radicals from damaging cells

* Promotes hair growth & shine
* Protects the integrity of the hair 

Recommended to be used along with

Body Builder hair mask.

Meet…Earth  / $22.00

Earth is now available to all seeking.
It is a fortified high performance vitamin and herbal luxury shampoo for ALL hair types.  It is a hair restoration remedy with Biotin, Pro-Vitamins, Rosemary, Cucumber, Aloe Vera and healing flower extracts that heal, restore health and encourage growth.
Sulfate and Paraben Free

Earth shampoo was created to:

*Prevent and minimize hair loss, slow graying and treat dry scalp with Rosemary.

*Add shine with vitamin B5.

*Soothe and calm the scalp with Aloe Vera and healing flower extracts.

*Add moisture making hair flexible with cucumber extract.

*Strengthen hair and prevent breakage with the infusion of Biotin.

This complex combination is a luxury of health to your hair!