This conditioning mask is specially formulated with Keratin and other proteins to help repair the structure of the hair without be weighted down.

It was formulated to restore and strengthen hair while effortlessly creating a smoother finish to increase shine and hair health. As the protein is locked into the hair cuticle it will cause damaged or frizzy hair to seal in the chains that bind the hair follicle together and leave it healthier, shinier and more manageable. 

This product can be used on all hair types. Use body builder to pump up hair health, strength and luminosity  to your hair as it restores the broken down structural bonds and chains within the hair structure that are necessary for hair strength!

Free of sodium chloride. Safe for use on chemically and color treated hair.

  • Sage strengthens and maintains scalp health.

  • Aloe is saturated with essential minerals and vitamins that

    restore hair health & luster.

  • Alba bark is an anti-immflamatory and maintains a healthy level of sebum.
  • Chamomile conditions and soothes.

  • Proteins repair, build and restore.

  • Coconut oil detangles and prevents split end breakage.
  • Sage maintains a healthy scalp. 

No one should be without this hair health facilitator. 

A cm aldrich  Salon